What did I do today

I checked on the peas we planted, this morning then went to school. Our first class at school is Math and we had a test today I think I did pretty good. After math we went to lunch and played a hello kitty board game. It was alright it was just rng though after hello kitty we played uno then 4 square in the gym. then we went to class which was english/history. We got new laptops made accounts on them and reviewed history stuff in chapter 2. for english we listened to romeo and juliet and filled out a paper. after school we waited for the normal bus to pick us up which takes 30 minutes or at least I thought it was that long. I went home logged on to my pc and procrastinated now I’m here

League of Jackie!

Question: If you were a league of legends champion what would your abilities

Passive: Nibble-Every third auto attack Jackie’s next auto attack will tranform Jackie into a melee basic attack and slowing the enemy slowing them dealing bonus damage

Q: Confusing shout – Jackie shouts, momentarily causing all enemies in a circle to laugh

W: Wander off – Jackie, confused, blinks forward, then after a second blinks back

E: Jackie Attackie – Jackie attacks with the power of bad puns, dealing extra damage on the next basic attack, and stacking nibble

R: Manatee swarm – Jackie unleashes a hoard of manatees, gaining massive movement speed and dealing tons of damage to all enemies in a line

Frispea party 2/18/2015

Today we went to the park and did a lot of running after frisbees Tommie threw. I think I scored the most points, YES! We went home and I did some math homework then I helped grow some peas #team Ricardo and I also have a few ideas I want to go through with.


Question:  to be continued

List: 5 ideas

1: Youtube channel

2: Mount saint hellens hike

3: Imgur in a nut shell picture

4: flash tutorial

5: potatoes farming

AquaManatee’s schooly blog post 2/13/2015

Today I went to science class and learned about different types of volcanoes and the process mount saint Hellon went through when it erupted in 1980’s  and the cats that died that day. After science I was driven home and played some starcraft 2 with nick then we went to the park me and nick ran there and went on the swings i also helped a kid up on the swing and pushed him for a little while. then we played frisbee and climbed trees after playing around we went home. when i got home i played league of legends and starbound

Question: What are you gonna do for valentines day

I plan too make my mum happy

List: What are fears you have or have over come

1: heights can be scary only if I’m jumping off it though

2: I think i have over come my fear of slugs maybe cause i have not seen one in a while

3: i’m not afraid of the dark im afraid of what lurks in it

4: Bugs i am scared of most bugs when they jump, crawl, or fly at me

5: linked to being scared of whats in the dark i am scared of looking out of dark windows


Today’s blog post 2/12/2015

Question: what do you love about people who go to alc

Drew: His artist style

Nick:his humor

Jurr: his friendlynes

Ethan: his chilled nes

Tommie: silllynes

Stebie: his awesome nes

Ethan: 2 ethans

List: What do you love about yourself

1: My humor

2: My artistic style

3: My good looks

4: My attitude

5: My gaming skillz


AquaManatee’s schooly blog post 2/4/2015

Today I started working on my prezi thing about me you will have to see it when i’m done (soon). I also worked on the 10 frame story thing for school I made all the characters. I also started working on the compost we talked and looked around for a area to put the compost, cleared some black berries, put cardboard and branches in an area to degrade into dirt, and we also found a new spot to  plant thanks to our neighbors putting leaves on our lawn even before we lived here thay have degraded into a nice soil for planting

schooly blog post 1/29/2015 “:x”

Question: what are you most grateful for

I am grateful to have a mom who will plan doctor appointments for me and my brothers

List: 5 favorite highlights from the manatee cup

1: winning 4 games in the manatee cup

2: carrying my team in one of them as jinx

3: playing jinx

4: lily’s braum

5: tommie smite


AquaManatee’s schooly blog post 1/28/2015

today I woke up sick and slept in for a while. after I woke up for the morning meeting since today was no power day we decided what no power things we wanted to do. we decided on board games and swimming. we played 3 different board games including  timeline, unexploded cow, and word dominoes