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AquaManatee’s schooly blog post , today in one word “exercise” 1/20/2015

Today i woke up went downstairs got on my computer and worked on a overlay for my live stream “twitch.tv/Aqua_Manatee” i finished 2 overlays i show them at the end.  i went to meeting set the day then we played geo guessr drew made a post on it we failed a little but but i dare you to try to beat it 😛 after geo i did some work on a project (still secret) then i hopped in the hot tub and talked while people ate then they joined me next we had a web dev meeting after the meeting we went to the park played 500 got one hell of a work out (i think) (i’m a nerd) came home had a AWESOME end of day meeting now i’m here

Question: Whats your art???????

um i’m gonna interpret this as 2 things art style and what programs do you use to do art or kind of art you do like painting or 3d modeling ill answer the first one then the second one. my art style i would like to think i go for a cute kinda thing but sometimes i draw kinda dark stuff idk but my kinda look of my art is like litterally dark (i press hard with the pencil) or at least on the outline of things. what programs do i use? i use blender ( a 3d modeling program) and i use gimp a raster based program and i want to use inkscape which is a vector based program

List: 5 things you like to do outside

1: Playing outside game like 500, hide and seek, and tag

2: Breath

3: Look at things

4: Camping


i like peeing outside

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