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AquaManatee’s schooly blog post 2/13/2015

Today I went to science class and learned about different types of volcanoes and the process mount saint Hellon went through when it erupted in 1980’s  and the cats that died that day. After science I was driven home and played some starcraft 2 with nick then we went to the park me and nick ran there and went on the swings i also helped a kid up on the swing and pushed him for a little while. then we played frisbee and climbed trees after playing around we went home. when i got home i played league of legends and starbound

Question: What are you gonna do for valentines day

I plan too make my mum happy

List: What are fears you have or have over come

1: heights can be scary only if I’m jumping off it though

2: I think i have over come my fear of slugs maybe cause i have not seen one in a while

3: i’m not afraid of the dark im afraid of what lurks in it

4: Bugs i am scared of most bugs when they jump, crawl, or fly at me

5: linked to being scared of whats in the dark i am scared of looking out of dark windows


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